Salesforce Admin

Salesforce Admins are essential professionals responsible for configuring, customizing, and maintaining the Salesforce platform to maximize its potential for organizations. With a deep understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), they create and manage user accounts, define roles and profiles, and ensure data security through permission settings. Data management, including importing, exporting, and deduplication, falls within their expertise, along with automation of workflows and approval processes. Salesforce Admins proficiently generate insightful reports and dashboards to aid decision-making. Integrating Salesforce with other applications and exploring the vast AppExchange marketplace are also part of their responsibilities. By optimizing system performance, ensuring data integrity, and adhering to best practices, Salesforce Admins contribute significantly to boosting sales productivity and overall business success.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Salesforce

Chapter 2: Setting up a Salesforce Org

Chapter 3: User Management in Salesforce

Chapter 4: Data Management in Salesforce

Chapter 5: Customization and Automation in Salesforce

Chapter 6: Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce

Chapter 7: Salesforce Security

Chapter 8: Integrations and AppExchange in Salesforce

Chapter 9: Salesforce Lightning Experience

Chapter 10: Best Practices for Salesforce Admins